About Us

Crazy Gifts is a company that sells gift items and gadgets that we import from all around the world. Think of countries like Great Britain, United States, China, Thailand, Spain, Germany, France etc.

We have 1 shop in Amsterdam located at Spuistraat 249. We are also wholesaler. For more information about the wholesale just send us an email.

The Crazy Gifts shop exists since 2009. We are currently looking for a suitable location for a second branch.

In our stores we sell products of our own brand, Crazy Gifts, and various other brands such as Invotis, Kikkerland, Fred, Suck UK, Donkey, Spinning Hat, World Wide, Natural Products, Mayhem, Silly, Present Time, Wanted and so on. Also we have our own line of dolls called Crazy Dolls. 

For every occasion we have the perfect gift, whether it is a birthday, a wedding, a baby birth or just a gimmick ... We’ve got it!

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