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App Design Clock
Can't get enough of apps? Now you can see all apps all the time!  ..
€19.95 €15.00
Arrow Sticky Notes
Set of 3 arrow sticky notepads (50 sheets) in white paper.  ..
Book Light Tiny Tim
Book light Tiny Tim designed in the shape of a minature retro desk lamp that clips to your book. ..
Bottle Clock Smirnoff Handmade
Bottle clock Smirnoff handmade in the UK. 110% recycled bottle and label, real glas. Don't waste ..
€39.50 €24.50
Chihuahua Door Stopper
Whaa whaa Chihuahua doorstopper & messenger in black. This cute dog will keep the door o..
Door Stopper High Heel
Door stopper high heel in black. This design door stopper keeps literally a foot in the door..
Doorstopper Doggy White
Door stopper doggy in white. This dog will "guard" the door, your hands and feet will be safe fro..
Drumstick Pencil
Wooden Drumstick Pencil, play with your drumstick and work with the pencil! Wood sourced from wel..
Hanging Harry Light Pull
You can"t help Harry to see the light. It's too late... Harry is dead! But Harry can help you to ..
Key Caps Enter and Escape
Set of two key covers. How do you open a door? Use the 'enter' key. They look just like the 'ente..
Key Caps Freakeys
Freakeys key-covers. Remember these wiggly, giggly, finger-puppet monsters from your childhood? T..
Key Caps Glam Rock
Set of 2 key caps in the shape of glam rock guitars. They love to rock on your keys! rock it! Loc..
Key Caps Keytars
Keytars, Key-covers. Rock out with your lockout! The next time you're climbing that stairway to h..
Key Caps Monkeys
Would you differentiate your keys from other keys? This cheerful monkeys conjure a smile on your ..
Key Caps Pac-Man
The iconic of the eighties video game... Pac-Man! These 4 ghosts key covers will ensure you ..
Key Caps Puppykeys
Puppykeys keycovers. You won't need a seeing eye dog to find your keys when you use Puppykeys key..
Key Caps Robo Keys
Robokeys will help you with that which goes not always automatically... find the correct key!&nbs..
Key Caps Ti-Keys
Ti-Keys key caps. These Hawaiian Gods own legendary forcers. They watch over you and your keys, t..
Key Caps Vampire Suckeys
Vampire Suckeys key-covers. Don't let the sun rise on you after a long night out! If you can't ge..
Keycaps Mustache
Do you always like to have a moustache around? With these key caps you have!!! ..
Led Candle
Led blow out candle. blow on / blow off, flickers like a real candle. ..
€9.95 €6.95
Liquid Lamp
Super White, Super Bright and Super Cool. This amazing 'white' light liquid lamp! Looks pretty in..
€27.50 €19.50
Melting Clock
This melting clock is inspired by Dali's work his masterpiece from 1931: " The Persistence of Tim..
Melting Wall Clock
This melting clock is inspired by Dali's work his masterpiece from 1931: " The Persistence of Tim..
Microphone Toilet Brush
Do you love to sing...? With this toilet brush you can now swing your toilet clean! ..
Mini Man Led Night Light
Don't be afraid of the dark, this mini man will keep you company at night! ..
€14.95 €12.50
My Comic Life Photo Magnets
Photos are memories of moments that were often an adventure and now you can turn them in magnetic..
No Smoking Ashtray
The ashtray made from a no smoking sign! ..
€12.50 €9.95
Recycled Vinyl LP Wall Clock
Recylcled Vinyl Wall Clocks. Give your room a retro look with this vinyl on your wall! Handmade i..
€49.50 €39.50
Shower Head Hook
Shower Head: "Off the Hook". Fits all standard shower hoses, simply screw it onto your exsisting ..
€19.95 €14.50
Toilet Brush Gun
This is the plastic toilet brush you won't be embarrassed to display. It's shaped like a handgun ..
Vinyl Bookends
Pimp your bookcase up with these retro style funky bookends! Prop up your collections of vinyl re..
Vinyl Bowl
This Stylish Vinyl LP Record Bowl is the perfect gift for an old school vinyl lover! Also av..
Vinyl Coasters
Vinyl vintage Coasters, includes 6 coasters. Especially for old scool music lovers! Also ava..
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