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Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray
Bone Chillers ice cube tray, a chilling ice cube tray. Chill your beverages to the bone! Fill and..
Brain Freeze Ice Tray Cubes
Brain freeze ice tray cubes, this is your brain on ice. Humans brains have a larger and more comp..
Cannabis Ice Tray
This cannabis ice tray produces marijuana leaves shaped ice cubes. Relax with your cool drink wit..
Children's Monkey Cutlery
Table Monkeys Utensils. Made for adventurous children, who may not do tricks with their food ... ..
€9.95 €6.95
Children's Souper Spoon
Besides being a functional eating utensil, Souper is like having your very own super he..
Cocktail Challenge
Invite your friends for a cocktail party! 30 cocktail recipes on drink mats, which one do you cho..
€12.50 €9.50
Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray
Cool Jewels ice cube tray, the dazzling diamond ice cube tray. Dahling... everyone knows that ice..
Diva Washing-up Sponge
Washing up your dirty dishes will never be the same with the Diva Wasing-up sponge. With her hair..
Double Sided Mug Smiley
You choose the mood! If words don't come easy... Let others see how you feel, happy or sad put on..
Drumstick Chopsticks
Wooden chopstick drumsticks, give your food a musical twist! ..
Egg Mould Heart
Egg mould heart. Turn your eggs into perfect little boiled hearts with Eggspress! For a lovely br..
Frosty Friends Popsicle Mould
These popsicle friendly faces bring a smile to your face! With their vibrant colours and big bulg..
€12.50 €7.50
Gin & Titonic Ice Cube Tray
Gin & Titonic ice cube tray sink one in  your drink. Ice ahoy!! Gin & Titonic is gua..
Groovy Baby Washing-up Sponge
Washing up your dirty dishes will never be the same with the Groovy Baby Wasing-up sponge. With h..
Guitar Spatula
Silicone guitar shaped spatula for the culinary guitarist. Yes, you can play the guitar in your k..
Ice Cube Tray Cold Hard Cash
Get your glass frosty with stacks of cold, hard, cash! Drop some dollars in your drink and enjoy ..
Ice Cube Tray Cool Jazz
Ice cube tray cool jazz. Time to kick back and chill - and here's a cool way to do it! Drop one o..
Ice Cube Tray Freeze Hand Gun
Freeze ice cube tray, pop a cap in your glass. Is your drink packin' heat? Well, cool it down wit..
Ice Cube Tray Frozen Smiles
Ice cube tray frozen Smiles.Not your grandfather's ice tray. All of sudden, dentures aren't just ..
Ice Cube Tray Stone Cold
Ice cube tray stone cold. Icy icons from Easter Island. The Moai of Easter Island keep their watc..
Ice Cube Tray Tetris
Fill your drink with deceptively simple, seriously iconic, ice cubes inspired by the Tetris game!..
Ice Cubes Smiley
Ice cubes smiley. Have an Ice day, don't worry... drink happy. Share a drink and a smile at the s..
Ice Shot Glass
Drink UP! With these 4 little funky punky glasses, and create your own icy-juicy drinking glass o..
Ice Tray Little Mermaid
Do you like to see a swimming mermaid? Now you can, with these mermaid shaped ice cubes. This pin..
Ice Tray Mustache
  Stay classy with this well-groomed mustachioed ice tray! Made from food safe silicone,..
Ice Tray Vodka Bottle
It's party time! Like a drink with some extras? Put a whole bottle of vodka in glass and enjoy ....
Key Bottle Opener
Key Bottle Opener. You always have your bottle opener with you! ..
Kids Silicone Chopsticks
Kids Cilicone Chopsticks. Having trouble taming your chopsticks? You're not alone. You could prac..
King of Disco Washing-up Sponge
Washing up your dirty dishes will never be the same with the King of Disco Wasing-up sponge. With..
King Washing-up Sponge
Washing up your dirty dishes will never be the same with the King Wasing-up sponge. With his hair..
Mix Stix
Mix Stix long spoons, keepin' rythm in the kitchen. With a cookin' and a rocking end! ..
Pac - Man Bottle Opener
Pac - Man Magnetic Bottle opener. If your a Pac-man fan or  just need to open a fe..
Pac-Man Ice Cube Tray
Make your own ice cubes shaped like the iconic Pac-Man and Ghost characters from the 80's arcade ..
Rockin' Spoons
Rock your salad, soup, sauces or batters with these beechwood guitar shaped spoons! You get one e..
Salt & Pepper set Speed and Cocaine
This cruet set is sure to make your dinner guests look twice, not to mention think twice before a..
Star Wars Pizza Cutter
Star Wars Pizza Cutter with sound effects. Plays various R2-D2 sounds when you press down to cut ..
Talking Fridge Magnet: "To Alcohol"
The Simpsons Talking Fridge Magnet: "To Alcohol". With 3 great phrases: - "To Alcohol, the ca..
Talking Fridge Magnet:"Whoo Hoo".
The Simpsons Talking Fridge Magnet: "Woo Hoo!". With 3 great phrases: - "Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo! Wo..
Tea Infuser Heart
Are you a real tea lover...? Your heart will warm up with a cup of tea with this tea infuser! Mad..
Tea Infuser Pear
Do you like fruity tea? This pear shaped tea bag is stylish, convenient and simple to use. Made o..
Tea Shirts Tea Infusers
Let's end the infusion confusion. If you want to make a perfect cup of tea, use one of these Tea ..
€9.95 €6.95
The Gentleman's Ice Tray
Which gentleman would you choose to have a drink with...? Mix and match while mixing you drink! M..
Willy Frying Pan
Surprise your lover with a special fried egg in the shape of a penis! Dirty but tasteful... You &..
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